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Best Places for Fishing in the Lakes Region

Fishing in the Lakes Region

If you’re an angler at heart, the Lakes Region of New Hampshire is a paradise waiting to be discovered. This area is home to some of the most beautiful and bountiful lakes in the country, each offering unique fishing experiences. Here are some of the best fishing spots in the [...]

Hiking Trails in the Lakes Region: A Paradise for Adventurous Home Buyers

Hiking in New Hampshire's Lakes Region

Hiking in New Hampshire's Lakes RegionNew Hampshire's Lakes Region is not only home to some of the most beautiful properties in the state, but it also boasts an abundance of hiking trails that offer breathtaking views and peaceful retreats into nature. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a beginner looking for a leisurely stroll, the Lakes Region has so much to offer. Here are some of the best hiking trails you should explore:

Mount Major: Located near Alton, Mount Major offers a 3.4-mile loop trail that provides stunning panoramic views of Lake Winnipesaukee. A rewarding climb with moderate difficulty, this trail is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. 

Red Hill: Situated in Moultonborough, Red Hill offers a 3.3-mile loop trail that is perfect for all skill levels. The trail takes you through a beautiful forest setting and offers fantastic views of Squam Lake.

West Rattlesnake Mountain: This easy 2.5-mile out-and-back trail located near Holderness offers one of the best views of Squam Lake. It's a popular spot for families and dog walkers. 

Belknap Mountain: Located in Gilford, this trail offers a moderate 3.8-mile loop with great views of Lake Winnipesaukee from the summit. 

Lockes Hill: This 1.8-mile loop trail located in the town of Gilford provides a great woodland hiking experience with views of Lake Winnipesaukee. The trail is perfect for all skill levels and is primarily used for hiking and nature trips.

The Lakes Region of New Hampshire provides an exceptional blend of outdoor adventure and serene living. And if you're a hiking enthusiast looking to make this beautiful region your home, Maxfield Real Estate showcases a variety of stunning properties to choose from whether you’re looking for a cozy cottage or lakefront estate. View all listings for sale in the Lakes Region or explore our recommended search categories. Don't hesitate to reach out to an agent if you have any questions.

Embracing the Lakes Region Lifestyle: Combining Outdoors & Community

Boating in the Lakes Region

Boating in the Lakes RegionWelcome to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, a vibrant and diverse area that perfectly blends outdoor adventures with a close knit community spirit. 

The Beautiful Outdoors

The Lakes Region is home to some of the most picturesque landscapes in New England. From the tranquil waters of Lake Winnipesaukee to the majestic mountain views, there's always something to captivate your senses. The region offers a range of properties to cater to your preferred lifestyle. Whether you envision waking up to serene lake views, being within walking distance of a boating facility, or owning a waterfront home, the Lakes Region has you covered.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find an array of activities to indulge in, from boating and fishing in the summer to skiing and snowboarding in the winter. Our communities are surrounded by natural beauty, providing endless opportunities for hiking, biking, and exploring.

A Strong Sense of Community

The Lakes Region is more than just a beautiful location, it's a community. Towns like Alton, Wolfeboro, Meredith, and Center Harbor each have their unique charm and character, offering a mix of local shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. This sense of community is one of the many reasons why people choose to call this place home.

At Maxfield Real Estate, we take pride in our deep connections within these communities. We understand the local market and the lifestyle that each community offers, allowing us to help you find a home that fits your needs.

Live the Lakes Region Lifestyle

With over 70 years of experience in Lakes Region real estate, we are committed to helping you find your dream home and embrace the Lakes Region lifestyle. We offer a wide range of properties for sale. Be sure to check out our recommended search categories or create a custom search to browse current listings. If you have any questions, contact Maxfield Real Estate today.

Key Tips for Buying a Home in the Lakes Region

Waterfront Homes in the Lakes Region

Waterfront Homes in the Lakes RegionAre you considering buying a property in the beautiful Lakes Region of New Hampshire? With its stunning mountain views, waterfront homes, and charming communities like Alton, Center Harbor, Wolfeboro, and Meredith, it's no wonder this area is a popular choice for homebuyers. Here are some key tips to help you navigate the process smoothly.

1. Know What You Want: Before you start your search, have a clear idea of what you're looking for. Do you want a waterfront home on Lake Winnipesaukee or a property with mountain views? Would you prefer a vacation rental or a year round residence? At Maxfield Real Estate, we offer a variety of properties to suit different lifestyle needs.

2. Understand the Communities: Each community in the Lakes Region has its unique charm and lifestyle. Research about each area and visit them if possible. This will help you decide where you would like to live.

3. Use the Right Tools: Our website offers several search tools to help you find the perfect property. You can search by community, lake, and even by specific property types like boat facilities.

4. Consult with Experts: Our experienced agents at Maxfield Real Estate can provide valuable insights and advice. They know the local market well and can guide you through the buying process, from finding the right property to negotiating a fair price.

5. Consider Your Lifestyle: The Lakes Region is more than just a place to live; it's a lifestyle. Whether you enjoy boating, hiking, or simply relaxing by the lake, make sure the property you choose enhances your lifestyle.

6. Don't Rush: Buying a home is a significant investment. Take your time to explore different properties, compare prices, and consider all factors before making a decision.

Buying a home in the Lakes Region can be an exciting journey, and we at Maxfield Real Estate are here to make it a pleasant experience. Feel free to contact us with any questions and let us help you find your dream property.

Experiencing the Four Seasons in the Lakes Region

Lake Winnipesaukee, Meredith NH

Lake Winnipesaukee, Meredith NHThe Lakes Region of New Hampshire is a haven of natural beauty and year round activities. From the tranquil shores of Lake Winnipesaukee to the majestic mountain views, this region is a paradise for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those looking for a serene retreat. As real estate leaders for over 70 years, Maxfield Real Estate invites you to experience the four seasons in this picturesque locale.

Spring: A Season of Rebirth

As winter loosens its icy grip, the Lakes Region bursts into life with the arrival of spring. The landscape is painted with a palette of vibrant colors as flowers bloom and trees regain their verdant foliage. Spring is the perfect time to explore properties with waterfront views or homes nestled amidst lush greenery. With our comprehensive property search options, you can find your dream home in communities like Alton, Wolfeboro, Meredith, Center Harbor, and beyond.

Spring is also a great time to venture outdoors. Try hiking in the nearby mountains or enjoy a peaceful boat ride on the lake. If you're lucky, you might catch sight of a loon returning to the lake after the long winter.

Summer: The Call of the Lake

Summers in the Lakes Region are nothing short of magical. The crystal clear lakes beckon for swimming, boating, and fishing. Waterfront homes and island properties are particularly popular during this season. Imagine waking up to the gentle lapping of the waves or watching the sunset over the water from your private dock.

For those who prefer land based activities, the region offers golf courses, hiking trails, and summer festivals. And let's not forget the stunning homes with mountain views that provide a serene backdrop for summer barbecues or relaxing afternoons spent in a hammock with a good book.

Fall: A Kaleidoscope of Colors

Autumn in New Hampshire's Lakes Region is a spectacle of nature's artistry. The leaves change into a myriad of colors, transforming the landscape into a beautiful mix of reds, oranges, and yellows. It's the ideal time to take a drive through scenic routes like the Lakes Region Loop or go apple picking in local orchards.

Fall is also a great time to consider investing in land properties. As the summer rush subsides, you can take your time exploring the various options available, from waterfront land to plots with mountain views.

Winter: A Wonderland of Snow

Winter transforms the Lakes Region into a snowy wonderland. The mountains offer excellent opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities. Homes with cozy fireplaces become a hot commodity as residents and visitors alike seek warmth and comfort.

Despite the cold, the real estate market remains active. Whether it's a cozy cottage by the lake or a luxurious home with mountain views, Maxfield Real Estate can help you find the perfect winter retreat.

Navigating the Market with Maxfield Real Estate

Our dedicated team is passionate about life in the Lakes Region and has the expertise to help you navigate the market with confidence and ease. Experience the beauty of the Lakes Region in all its seasonal glory. Contact us today to start your real estate journey.

The Lakes Region: A Dream Destination for Every Homebuyer

Lake House in New Hampshire

Lake House in New HampshireNestled in the heart of New Hampshire, the Lakes Region is a paradise for homebuyers. Offering a unique blend of serene natural beauty, vibrant communities, and a wide range of properties, it's no wonder that this area has become a dream destination for those looking to purchase a home. At Maxfield Real Estate, we're proud to guide homebuyers through the journey of finding their perfect property in this beautiful region.

A Variety of Real Estate Options

The Lakes Region boasts a diverse array of real estate options to suit every lifestyle. From island properties offering unmatched tranquility and waterfront views, homes with private boat docks for the boating enthusiasts, cozy cottages perfect for vacation getaways, to expansive waterfront properties - the options are endless. Whether you're searching for a family home, a retirement retreat, or a weekend hideaway, the Lakes Region has a great selection of properties to choose from.

Natural Beauty & Outdoor Recreation

The Lakes Region is renowned for its stunning natural beauty. With crystal clear lakes, lush forests, and majestic mountains providing a picturesque backdrop, living here is like being on a perpetual vacation. But it's not just about the views - the area also offers a wealth of outdoor recreation opportunities. Boating, fishing, hiking, skiing, and golfing are just a few of the activities that residents can enjoy.

Vibrant Communities

Living in the Lakes Region means becoming part of a warm and welcoming community. Towns like Wolfeboro, Moultonborough, Center Harbor, and Meredith offer a charming small town feel, with local shops, restaurants, and events that bring residents together. The sense of community extends to the water, where neighbors often become friends during boating excursions or fishing trips.

Expert Guidance from Maxfield Real Estate

At Maxfield Real Estate, we pride ourselves on our deep knowledge of the Lakes Region and our commitment to serving our clients. We understand that buying a home is a significant decision, and we're here to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Our team of professional real estate agents is ready to guide you through the market, helping you find a property that matches your lifestyle and needs. Contact us today! 

Why the Lakes Region is the Perfect Place for Nature Lovers

Lake Winnipesaukee

Welcome to New Hampshire's Lakes Region, the perfect place for nature lovers! This remarkable area boasts an impressive 273 bodies of water, making it a paradise for those who crave serenity and outdoor adventure. At Maxfield Real Estate, we believe that the Lakes Region is not just a destination, but a lifestyle. Here's [...]

The Appeal of Vacation Homes in New Hampshire's Lakes Region

Fishing in the Lakes Region

Fishing in the Lakes Region New Hampshire's Lakes Region is a treasure trove of natural beauty and serene landscapes. It's a place where the echo of loon calls over the water, the whisper of wind through the pines, and the lullabies of lapping waves make for an unparalleled retreat. The charm of this region lies not only in its picturesque surroundings but also in the welcoming vacation homes that offer a unique blend of comfort, luxury, and tranquility.

A Rich Array of Options

The Lakes Region is home to a vast selection of vacation properties. Whether you're seeking the rustic charm of a lakeside chalet, the luxury of a beachfront home, or the quaint comfort of a cottage nestled in the woods, there's something for every preference.

These homes are more than just places to stay; they become your personal haven, providing an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Imagine waking up to the serene view of Lake Winnipesaukee or enjoying a sunset barbecue by the shores. It's not just a vacation; it's a lifestyle that embodies relaxation and peace.

Unmatched Comfort & Luxury

In the Lakes Region, comfort and luxury go hand in hand. Many vacation homes come with modern amenities such as gourmet kitchens, spacious living areas, private docks, and even hot tubs. These homes are thoughtfully designed, keeping in mind both aesthetics and functionality.

Picture a day spent exploring the tranquil waters of the lake on a boat, followed by an evening of relaxation in your luxury home, perhaps by the fireplace or soaking in a hot tub. Life doesn't get better than this.

An Adventure Lover’s Paradise

While the comfort of your vacation home may entice you to stay inside, the outdoor activities are equally irresistible. The Lakes Region is a paradise for adventure lovers. From boating and fishing to hiking and biking, there's always something to do.

And when the day's adventures are done, there's nothing quite like returning to your cozy vacation home, grilling up dinner on the deck, and recounting the day's excitement under the star filled New Hampshire sky.

An Investment Worth Making

Owning a vacation home in the Lakes Region isn't just about having a personal retreat, it's also a valuable investment. At Maxfield Real Estate, we're committed to helping you find the perfect vacation home that suits your lifestyle and investment goals. 

Whether you're looking for a peaceful retreat or an adventurous getaway, we're confident that we can help you find your dream vacation home in New Hampshire's Lakes Region. Contact us today to start your journey towards owning a piece of this breathtaking region. After all, life is short, and the lake is calling.

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